A Brief Introduction to K

I recently shared a paper of mine entitled “Composite Tailored Regression Modeling For Evaluative Ratings in Professional Hockey” after it had unfortunately been rejected by a sports analytics journal. In it, I introduce a metric I’ve developed called K, explore the underlying math and discuss applications. It is now available here and I strongly urge you to read it in its entirety for a fuller understanding of the model. For the less mathematically-inclined, this post will serve as an introductory explanation of the fundamentals. Continue reading “A Brief Introduction to K”


General Nomenclature

The following naming conventions apply across the site: All Off-ice stats are preceded by O, all individual stats are preceded by i, all expected stats are preceded by x and all Averages are denoted by the Avg. prefix. For instance, OCF% stands for off-ice CF%, iFF stands for individual FF, xFSh% stands for expected FSh% and Avg.DIST stands for average DIST. Events For or Against refer to events For and Against a team (team stats) or events For and Against a player’s team occurring while the player is on the ice (on-ice stats). Shots include those missing the net or blocked. Shots on goal are shots on goal.

Adjustments Explained

Shot Quality and Expected Goals: Part I Continue reading “Glossary”