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Updated 3/15/16.

Does Corsica do this?

How often do live game stats update? How often does the line combos/d-pair data update?
Right now, live game stats update every six minutes. The entire database the team, goalie, skater and combo stats elements are linked to is updated each day at 4:00 AM EST.
Can I download data?
Yep, click download file once you’ve got everything you want.
Do rolling average charts include playoffs?
Can you separate forwards and defense for QoC/QoT stats?
Hopefully eventually, but not right now.
Do you have individual game charts like War On Ice did?
Yes. The Game Stats page includes cumulative shot charts.

How does Corsica do this?

What bias does venue adjustment take into account?
No rink bias, just home ice advantage.
What goes into zone-adjusted stats?
It’s an expanded version of Micah McCurdy’s method, and includes zone starts as an additional factor. Coefficients are determined by historical outcomes of situations. A detailed explanation on this will hopefully be posted soon.
How is the xG data on Corsica calculated?
You can find the first post on xG here on the blog.
Tell me about the Similarity Calculator?
You can also learn about this here on the blog.
What’s your sanity check for player stats?
Tanner Glass.

Where can I find this?

How do I sort by date ranges for team stats, instead of by season?
Try the Custom Query tab on the Teams page.
Are there individual player game logs?
Try the Custom Query tab on the Skaters page, and make sure to uncheck “Aggregate Games”.
Where is my favorite new call-up? He isn’t showing up on this table?
You probably need to adjust minimum TOI.
Why isn’t this new line combo from the coach’s blender showing up?
They must have played at least 25 minutes together in all situations. For Corsica, having this TOI minimum keeps the database a manageable size.

Some other important stuff

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